#Binance Podcast Episode 40 – Ophelia Snyder on Why Tokenization Is The Future of Finance

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Ophelia Snyder. The president and Co-founder of Amun, a leading crypto technology company that aims to make purchasing digital asset tokens accessible, safe, and efficient. In this episode, you’ll learn about Ophelia’s unusual start of her crypto career, tokenization of the traditional finance, and how Amun builds the financial services of the future.

6 thoughts on “#Binance Podcast Episode 40 – Ophelia Snyder on Why Tokenization Is The Future of Finance”

  1. The big risk with tokenization of financial assets or real estates is that you don't have legal ownership of the underlying asset. You take the credit risk of the intermediary. That's the risk that everyone is overlooking with tokenization.

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