Bitcoin Halving Party

Welcome to the #BinanceHalvingParty!

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2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Halving Party”

  1. Dear friends, I urge all of you to leave this company and do not use bnb coins. This company is a poor, pitiful company whose coin can't be bought for at least $ 20, people are disappointed. Prices for all coins have risen and continue to rise, and this bnb coin is depreciating again. It's very possible that at any moment the site will be closed, I assure you, binanc company is on the verge of bankruptcy, that's why their coin continues to depreciate. A few months ago, bitcoin sold for $ 9,100. The bnb coin was sold for $ 20 at the time, and now the bitcoin reaches $ 10,000, but this bnb coin sells for just $ 16.40. Don't trust them, they will convince us all, but you will see for yourself when a cheek will come very soon.

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