Electronics are for everyone with this masterful Arduino-Raspberry Pi-ESP32 training

TLDR: The training in The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle will show you how to make almost any DIY electronics project even cooler than you ever imagined.

Do it yourself electronics tinkerers are living in a heyday of opportunities. Between the ultra customization options of Arduino boards and components, the utility of the micro-computing power of the Raspberry Pi and the WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities that ESP32 microcontrollers offer, possible projects really are only limited by the scope of the imagination.

Of course, for every hobbyist crafting autonomous robots and home security devices and DIY media servers, there are a dozen who have no idea this mini-tech revolution is even happening. But with the training in The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle, even the uninitiated can start understanding how all these pieces fit together into something truly magical.

This collection couples nine courses and a pair of ebooks with almost 100 hours of coursework dedicated to helping you explore the electronics options at your disposal.

Arduino Uno boards have been a gamechanger for creating everything from simple switches, sensors and lights to automatic shoe lacers, mobile dance stages and a fire-breathing pony. The pair of introductory courses won’t walk you through creating flame-throwing animals, but you’ll understand enough to launch into a host of other projects, including building a two-wheeled robot with special sensors, a radio-controlled automatic smart car, and even a web-enabled environmental monitoring gauge for your home.

Your course and ebook centered around what the Raspberry Pi can do focus in on its role in blockchaining and mining cryptocurrencies. With this knowledge, you’ll not only understand what everyone’s screaming about when they talk about Bitcoin, but how to use the Pi to start filling your own coffers with your own virtual money.

Finally, you close out with two courses on the utility of an ESP32 and how these low-powered darlings can play an amazing part in much larger electronics projects.

If you didn’t have a bunch of ideas for cool things you could make before taking all this training, you definitely will once you’re through it all. The courses would normally cost almost $500 individually, but as part of this bundle, the whole collection is available now for only $74.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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