eToro Thematic Investment Portfolios

Innovative Thematic Investment Portfolios created by eToro.

CopyPortfolios are long-term investment strategies built using eToro’s social features and a vast array of financial instruments. CopyPortfolios bundle data and trades generated by millions of eToro investors into a smart accessible portfolio.

eToro has three types of CopyPortfolios: Top Trader, which harnesses the wisdom of the crowd to create a people-based portfolio, Machine Learning, which utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to create smart investment instruments, and Thematic, which bundles together several financial instruments following a predetermined thematic investment strategy.

I will be sharing the info on my favorite option which is Thematic Investment Portfolios. Built around an idea, performance metric, or an algorithm that picks its top-performing assets.

Thematic Investment Portfolios

Thematic Investment Portfolios

Thematic Investment Portfolios

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ShoppingCartDigital Commerce
The investment strategy provides access to an equally weighted portfolio that gives investors one-click exposure to one of the most revolutionary aspects brought forth by the Internet revolution.
117.06% – LAST 12M RETURN
InTheGameGaming Industry
The video gaming industry is fast-growing, with an overall market cap exceeding $100 billion. InTheGame offers a diversified stock portfolio of game developers, eSports companies, and hardware makers.
82.36% – LAST 12M RETURN
BigTechLarge Tech Market Cap
From smartphones to smart cars…for smart investors. This CopyPortfolio comprises leading companies from the technology sector.
48.02% – LAST 12M RETURN
LibraPortfolioAssociation Partners
Several of Libra’s founding partners are global equities offered on the eToro, and therefore, an investment portfolio has been constructed to provide investors with exposure to the public companies involved in this technology.
42.11% – LAST 12M RETURN
CRISPR-TechGenome Engineering
CRISPR is considered a revolutionary field that could change the biotech industry. This investment portfolio offers exposure to an array of public companies operating in the biotechnology market.
32.13% – LAST 12M RETURN
CryptoPortfolioCryptos by Market Cap
This investment strategy offers investors a fully allocated portfolio of leading cryptocurrencies traded on eToro, in a single, managed portfolio. It is rebalanced once a month, based on each crypto’s proportional market cap and other criteria. Cryptocurrency investment is more suitable for investors with higher risk appetite.
31.93% – LAST 12M RETURN
DriverlessSelf Driving Cars
This investment strategy presents a portfolio comprising leading companies, from North America, Europe, and Asia, operating in the autonomous driving sector.
27.88% – LAST 12M RETURN
RenewableEnergyFuture of Power
This provides investors exposure to the renewable energy industry containing global equities ranging from sustainable power and recycling to waste management.
25.69% – LAST 12M RETURN
CryptoTakeoverLong Crypto Short Banks
Long crypto short the bankers with this unique CopyPortfolio. CryptoTakeover is designed for investors who believe cryptocurrencies will overtake traditional banking in the long run, and will increase in value, while bank stocks decline.
24.95% – LAST 12M RETURN
FoodTechFood Trends and Innovation
FoodTech provides a fully allocated thematic investment portfolio focused specifically on AgriFood Tech stocks
22.86% – LAST 12M RETURN
CyberSecurityCyber Tech Stocks
With the rise of GDPR, and growing concerns over online security eToro’s investment committee created this portfolio. This provides investors exposure to cybersecurity companies, working to protect commercial entities, private individuals governments, and more…
18.42% – LAST 12M RETURN
Diabetes-MedDiabetes Care Stocks
The Portfolio’s methodology focuses on companies that have active business units within the diabetes care market.
15.49% – LAST 12M RETURN
PanicModeShort Stocks Long Metals
Feeling pessimistic? Meet the investment strategy, which offers you a strong and comprehensive position against crashing world markets.
14.66% – LAST 12M RETURN
FuturePaymentsDigital Money
Focusing on the digital payments industry, this CopyPortfolio presents investors with the opportunity for a long-term investment in the future of money. This ready-made investment strategy comprises companies spanning multiple industries, including mobile payments and blockchain.
12.11% – LAST 12M RETURN
5GRevolutionFuture of Connectivity
Following the Internet revolution and the world going wireless with cellular Internet, the next revolution in line is 5G – and it is expected to lead to exponential change. This super-fast, ultradurable network is considered the next game-changer that could impact every aspect of our daily lives.
8.58% – LAST 12M RETURN
MobilePaymentsDigital Transactions
This portfolio focuses on leading companies in the payment and credit card space and could present an interesting thematic investment option for those who have faith in the future of the industry.
4.71% – LAST 12M RETURN
DroneTechDrone Technology
The DroneTech CopyPortfolio provides investors with exposure to the different verticals within the growth potential of commercial and military drone applications.
4.03% – LAST 12M RETURN
FoodDrinkFood and Drinks
This tasty CopyPortfolio comprises a leading company from the food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers.
0.67% – LAST 12M RETURN
DividendGrowthDividend Income Stocks
The DividendGrowth CopyPortfolio is designed to help long-term investors capitalize on the power of dividends. This investment strategy offers exposure to a broad range of dividend-paying companies, all of which have exceptional dividend-growth track records.
-6.84% – LAST 12M RETURN
GoldenEnergyGold and Energy
This commodity-focused investment strategy comprises assets that are traditionally considered safe havens for times when markets are down. It gives traders exposure to gold, oil and companies operating in the commodities market.
-14.24% – LAST 12M RETURN
TheBigBanksBig Banking Stocks
If you believe that the biggest banks and financial institutions in the world will continue to increase in value – you should consider investing in this CopyPortfolio.
-15.87% – LAST 12M RETURN
TravelKitTravel and Leisure
This CopyPortfolio comprises companies from the Travel and Lifestyle sectors – Hotels, aviation, global financial services providers and more. The CopyPortfolio was created and managed by eToro’s investment committee, which periodically rebalances its allocation.
-21.6% – LAST 12M RETURN
CannabisCareMedical Marijuana
This CopyPortfolio gives investors exposure to the booming medical cannabis market, comprising leading North American and European companies in the medical marijuana industry.
-30.53% – LAST 12M RETURN