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Welcome to Mirror Trading International.

In trying economic times it is tough to survive without you are employed, or a business owner, or working in a large corporation. Inflation is killing your budget, and you find yourself in a mountain of debt unable to make ends meet. You are unsure of the financial future. This year has seen a huge drop in conventional currencies with the South African rand losing almost 40% to its dollar counterpart in the last two months alone. Money as we know it is finding itself in a trying time, and it’s struggling to Stay Afloat. In contrast, Bitcoin has soared from strength to strength as more people are looking to crypto-currency to improve their finances.

Although fairly new Bitcoin has gained significant popularity in both its inception in 2008, recording remarkable growth every year and 2020 has been no exception. Buying and holding bitcoin is extremely lucrative, and transactions can be done with ease and speed anywhere in the world.The functionality of the Crypto Giant is great, and more and more people are turning to bitcoin as an alternative to a failing economy, Commodities, and currencies.

Mirror Trading International uses your bitcoin to trade on your behalf every day, increasing the amount of Bitcoin you have steadily. What makes MTI so unique is that you do not have to pay any joining fees, administration fees, or monthly subscriptions. All monies paid out are generated from daily trading. Our track record is impeccable with no negative trading days to date and an average of 1.5% daily since August 2019. Naturally, trading results vary, and MTI makes no promises of future results. Mirror Trading International is a South African-owned company and was started in April 2019.

MTI has exclusive rights to state-of-the-art trading software that has yielded conservative yet consistent results. We pride ourselves on the transparency we offer you as a member. Every day we have access to a full statement of every trade done on your account Mirror Trading International has had incredible growth and now boasts more than 25000 members worldwide. Our back-office system is user-friendly Thurrow and always updated for you to keep track of your bitcoin and your team. With a rapidly growing membership, Mirror Trading International has open support offices in Randburg Johannesburg and Stellenbosch in the Cape with friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you along the way.

Through careful trading of the financial markets with bitcoin at the base currency, a consistent trading profit is earned daily. MTI is proudly trading with a capital pool of over 3500 bitcoin every day. The profits generated daily are divided in the following way. 10% of the daily prophet goes to MTI to pay referral fees, and the upkeep and running cost the system and the company. 20% is applied to a lucrative binary structure for those members that build the team and our great referral program for weekly binary commissions. 25% is taken by our traders for their services that they render to Mirror Trading International members, and 40% of all daily trading profit goes to our MTI members.

It is important to note that this profit you receive is automatically added to your capital amount every day to compound and maximize your earning results. You can, however, withdraw with eas at any time. The remaining 5% is paid to leaders in two innovative leadership bonuses that are designed to incentivize leaders to develop, aid, and assist their downlines.

Starting an account with Mirror Trading International is a simple step process. Follow the link that was sent to you by the person that sent you this video and create your profile on our innovative platform. Create your account and then fund this with your bitcoin. The trading will start automatically. Now it’s a question of sitting back and watching your bitcoin grow.

Mirror Trading International offers an opportunity for anybody who would like to create a secondary income in trying economic times. Such a compensation plan has four fantastic income streams that have seen many people reach financial freedom. The first income stream Mirror Trading International offers is a referral fee of 10%. It is important to note that this fee is not deducted from your new member’s bitcoin investment but rather from the profits generated and trade the week before. You and your new recruit can rest assured that all commissions are paid, are derived from our daily trading profit. Referral commission is paid once off a week in areas, and you can choose to reinvest this bitcoin commission, or you can withdraw it into your personal bitcoin wallet.

The Mirror Trading International binary structure is changing Lives all across the world. a Wildly lucrative structure that is built deep rather than wide has seen our members earn great weekly commissions. Binary commissions are generated through building your team and the Phenomenal momentum reached by MTI. Every week 20% of the trading profits are divided and paid to qualified members based on weaker leg volume. It is important to note that it is the growing component of our referral program, and we have wonderful testimonials of thousands of people who have created a significant and some even life-changing income through this great team-based income stream. To qualify for binary bitcoin commission, you simply need to refer to people to the MTI platform. They need to be placed on your left and right legs, respectively.

With a growing team, you, your upline, and your team contribute to the Bitcoin volume in your weaker leg, so creating a weekly bitcoin income that you can choose to reinvest or draw into your personal wallet. The Mirror Trading International leadership bonuses P1 and P2 are designed to incentivize you to help and aid your team. 5% of our weekly trading profits are proportionately divided into both P1 and P2 leadership bonuses. When you help your personal referral to become binary qualified, you earn one share of the P1 leadership pool. This share can be earned on multiple personal recruits and is valid for eight weeks.

Taking your team to the next level means you will qualify for our P2 leadership bonus, which is paid for as long as your member remains with MTI. For every personal recruit, you help to earn a P1 leadership shares; you will be rewarded with your portion of the P2 leadership bonus. MTI offers training on our system and compensation plan for you to understand better and to maximize your bitcoin earning potential. The value of an additional bitcoin income must not be underestimated.

Although our referral program is completely optional, it is crucial to consider that with this compensation plan, you could change your finances forever. When looking at everything that Mirror Trading International has to offer, it is crucial that you ask yourself, can you afford not to get involved. Get back to the person that sent you this video, sign up, become a part of Mirror Trading International ever-growing membership. You, too, can benefit from our daily trading profit and a wonderfully lucrative compensation plan.


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