How to buy bitcoin on a crypto exchange πŸ’° (5/5)

For the final episode of our #crypto trading course we’re showing you how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies using an exchange. We’ll walk you through your first trade step-by-step and get you trading crypto to crypto in no time 📊

Check out how you can get #bitcoin with your local currency using the Luno Exchange including: EUR, GBP, MYR, IDR, NGN, ZMW, ZAR, SGD and UGX. We offer deep liquidity in those markets as well as in crypto pairs including ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH.

Start trading now on the Luno Exchange 👇

0:00 Learn to trade crypto
0:51 Tradingview on the Luno Exchange
1:35 Crypto market snapshot
1:41 How to trade bitcoin
2:13 Why diversification is important
2:33 How to buy ethereum
4:47 How to keep your crypto safe

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