How to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card in Nigeria (2019)

Find out how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria using a credit card and pay in Naira. gives you a variety of payment methods to buy bitcoin and 40 of the leading cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.

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How it works:

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How to buy bitcoin in Nigeria in 7 steps:

1. Sign Up for a free account (Log in if you are an existing customer)
2. Go to your Bitcoin wallet and click on ‘Buy’
3. Select ‘New Credit Card (NGN)’ from the drop-down menu
4. Enter the value of Bitcoin you want to purchase in NGN or the Amount of BTC and click ‘Preview Buy’ to get a quote.
5. You will receive a quote. Press ‘confirm’ before the quote expires.
6. You will be redirected to a page to fill in your credit card details
7. You will then go to a page to verify your transaction and be redirected to your Coindirect wallet. Your Wallet will be credited with the Bitcoin that you have just purchased.

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