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Welcome to Mirror Trading International official investor presentation.

Mirror Trading International PTY limited is a registered company in the Republic of South Africa.

The registered office is situated at 43 Plain Street in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa.

The objective of Mirror Trading International is to grow your Bitcoin.

You’re balance in trade is always in Bitcoin and you earn Bitcoin daily. This means the number of Bitcoin in your trading pool will increase day by day. This also means that when the price of Bitcoin Rises so too will the value of your trading account increase.

Mirror Trading International has a sustainable business model trading Crypto Monday to Friday using Advanced artificial intelligence software with Bitcoin as its base currency.

The profitability of Mirror Trading International comes solely from the trading activities your full Bitcoin investment goes into your trading account.

MTI provides you with a passive income opportunity.

And passively from daily trading activities remember trade results are not guaranteed but no trading knowledge is required.

In Mirror Trading International, there are no admin fees. No membership fees. No subscriptions. No packages no costs and no deductions.

Profits from successful daily trades are divided and allocated as follows 40% goes to you the member 20% of the binary bonus pool 5% to the P1 and P2 leadership bonus pool and 25% of the Traders 10% to MTI for administration and to pay the referral bonuses.

Please remember that historical results are no guarantee of future results. All income is subject to positive daily trading results.

The system is fully automated and you can sit back and relax and receive your daily statement detailing the income from the trades for the day. These statements will be in your back office from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Daily trade profits are automatically compounded.

Withdrawals in MTI.
There are no contracts and no lockdowns. You can withdraw in full or partial amounts and you can withdraw whenever you like there are no withdrawal fees or penalties.

Your requested amount will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet within 48 hours.

Providing you with a path of sustainable income from your Bitcoin in trade is at the very heart of Merit rating International.

To start you will need to register with MTI and find your account with Bitcoin suggested minimum is $100 worth of bitcoin account not funded within 7 days will be deleted. However, you may register again. Let’s summarize as the passive part of the opportunity. And as a member, you will learn from the trading activities and grow your Bitcoin.

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