Optional Referral Program Presentation

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Optional Referral Program Presentation Update

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4 thoughts on “Optional Referral Program Presentation”

  1. What defines a ‘level’? If I introduce 10 people directly myself, 5 on the left and 5 in the right, do I have 5 people in my first ‘level’ or have I gone 5 ‘levels’ down?

  2. The “10% once-off direct referral bonus” is not explained at all. What exactly is this? It’s obviously not 10% of the referred investors money, so what is it? 10% of what? Once off as calculated how and when?

  3. “Spillover” is not explained at all. Having watched the presentation multiple times I have no idea what this is or how it takes place. It sounds like it’s something that should automatically happen when someone above you reaches some kind of maximum. Is this so? How does it work, exactly? The ‘explanation’ here is not an explanation at all. Maybe this needs a separate video?

  4. The binary bonus calculation is also not explained. Would I be earning my share directly from the trading profits from the people I referred or not? It sounds like it’s calculated from a wider pool, but how or why is not evident. I feel you need to illustrate this in a simple calculation using round, theoretical figures. How is the ‘pool’ derived? How is my share of the ‘pool’ derived? If the ‘pool’ is 100000, and my share is 1, what is the calculation and what will be my actual bonus paid into my account? Then the 7 day waiting period. 7 days before I get this bitcoin in my trading account? 7 days before I can withdraw it? What is the cause of the 7 day delay? What happens to the bitcoin during these 7 days?

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