Why does the bitcoin price fluctuate so much?

New markets tend to high price volatility as buyers and sellers decide an asset’s value. This is true for traditional assets like gold or stocks, and it’s true for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Price discovery is just one factor though – find them all here 🎥

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How do you think the price shifts will turn out? Can bitcoin stabilise? Let us know in the comments 🚀

0:00 Bitcoin price
0:17 Bitcoin price prediction
0:28 FOMO
1:07 FUD
1:33 What will the price of bitcoin be?

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  1. Luno you people are heartless and bunch of scammers how can you locked my brother account since 8 days ago he can't use his money and you people said after 7 days his account will automatically unlocked now is 8 days not even a single response from your dead customer support

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